Hi there! If you're just getting here, I welcome you with all my heart and thank you in advance for taking some time to appreciate my work. 

My name is Raíra (Ha-ee-ra), I'm a curious and slightly chaotic Brazilian soul living in the U.S. for over 6 years now. 

I've always been an art lover and very interested in storytelling, one of the reasons why I chose Communication Studies with focus in Journalism in college. After working as a journalist for a few years, in 2019 I decided to really give photography a shot in my life.

I believe photography - as other forms of art - has the power of [re]connecting us with ourselves and with others through a simple change of perspective, and to guide people through this journey is what makes my heart pulse. 

I like to take risks in different types of photography, but portraiture is my warm place. 

I chose the name Plural, at first, considering what I expected of my work. I've always wanted my photos to be diverse, inclusive and plural because I truly believe that we can find beauty in every single shape, size, color, etchnicity and age. 

Later, though, I came to realize that Plural also speaks a lot about myself, a multitask person who's passionate about a million different things and is always ready for a change. 

If you like what you've seen here so far and feel like taking this conversation a little further, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing your story and seeing you through my lenses. :)

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